“What I Think At Midnight” is a story about the realm behind the veil, where lost souls wander in unrest, strange creatures dwell in the shadows and unsung songs linger between the dreaming trees of Forest Nimmerend. The place where most people only end up in their darkest hours.

I create this ongoing webcomic alongside the development of my indie rpg game Song of Calamity. WITAM fleshes out the world and the backstories of some characters, but can also be enjoyed on it´s own. If you´re a fan of retro 16 bit JRPGs make sure to check Song of Calamity out, though! Also make sure to sign up for my newsletter to get informed about new page releases.

“What I Think At Midnight” is a webcomic by multimedia designer Kevin Wolf.
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Song of Calamity Wallpaper 3. Free download :-)