Welcome to “What I Think At Midnight”

Hello and welcome to my new webcomic! My name is Kevin Wolf and I´m a multimedia designer. Currently I am working on the indie rpg “Song of Calamity“. While doing so, I had the idea to create an accompanying comic along with it. Just a few pages as a collectible ingame item. After I was done I had just too much fun and I decided to continue drawing the comic.

Well, drawing is not really the right term here, isn´t it? I use various digital techniques to create the pages of WITAM. Photobashing, digital drawing and image manipulation mostly. I usually work with pictures I took myself with either my iPhone or a Canon DSLR camera. The software I like to use is Adobe Photoshop and ProCreate on iPad.

In this blog section I will give unregular updates about progress of the comic, as well as notify my readers about certain milestones in Song of Calamity, which I develop together with friends from my company SLEIPNIR DREAMWARE. If you like the comic I urge you to also check out the game as well! They both share a world and characters.

I think this will be it for now. Have fun with the comic and make sure to subsribe to the newsletter!

Have a spooky day,